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Who We Are?

Esports Academics is a growing group of passionate gamers, geeks, marketers, designers, streamers, teachers, and community builders, all on a mission to bridge the gap of amateur organizations with educational programs while evolving e-sports education as we know it with innovative curricula. 

Our Vision

To create a constant pipeline for e-sports talent and professionals for the developing and evolving of the Esports ecosystem. So that the industry has a constant stream of new experienced talent to hire.

To use the context of esports to provide a learning platform for students to be engaged with a subject or specialty through their passion for gaming. Allowing them the correct environment to try and meet their personal targets!

Education Focus

Utilizing an education focus to provide a better understanding of esports in alignment with Education and Competition.


50+ years of experience in the tech/gaming industry. With over 20+ years in the development of curricula and course material.


Creating an ecosystem where players and teams interact. Allowing players to showcase their talents!


Creation of esports panels, conferences and lectures to further individuals learning and development.

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